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7 reasons to choose Ems Laundry

  • Easy to talk to, good English ability, great communication.
  • Fast Service, on time, reliable.
  • Ems building is purpose fitted to process laundry so things run smooth.
  • Chiang Mai Laundry/Ems Laundry has Cameras in place, ‘we don’t lose things’.
  • Prices are realistic and affordable
  • over 15 years experience so we know what’s what, no ruined clothes
  • FREE pick up and return

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If you want to know more about our laundry and the services we offer, please read on:

Best Same Day Laundry in Chiang Mai

Ems Laundry is simply the best laundry service in Chiang Mai, same day service or return next day.

We know this because of the hundreds of 5 star reviews we have.

You can see these reviews on Google when searching for any of Ems shops, ie


Ems Laundry 2

Ems Laundry 3

We also have many more reviews on our main website

and our facebook page

Ems Laundry was purpose designed, the first pick up and return Chiang Mai laundry service. The aim was to satisfy the demand from Thai and foreign residents, and visitors looking for high quality laundry and dry cleaning services at reasonable prices

Lets face it, there are sooo so many laundries in and around Chiang Mai that the mind boggles. It must be incredibly difficult to know the good from the bad.

Nowadays we are lucky enough to have Google reviews which point us in the right direction.

Most laundries do their best but the trouble is they don’t specilalise. Many laundries offer multiple services. They often combine with coffee shop, massage parlour, juice bar and many other activities. Activities that are easy to set up to supplement the income from laundry.

Ems laundry: specialists in laundry and dry cleaning

Our service and premises in Changklan Road offer the best laundry and dry cleaning service in Chiang Mai.

Ems has dedicated drivers who continuously travel throughout the city and outer regions picking up and dropping off laundry. We visit homes, offices, guest houses and hotels, in fact we go pretty much anywhere we are requested within our delivery area.

Best Laundry in Chiang Mai

All businesses succeed or fail according to the ability of there staff
To be the best laundry you need the best people. Ems staff is trained and monitored continuously for high standards.

Customers clothing and belongings are also monitored ‘by camera’ throughout the Ems Laundry process. On the odd occasion that a customer feels they are missing an item the cameras are wound back to eliminate any doubt.

Cheap Laundry Chiang Mai

Ems Laundry is fast and efficient, enabling us to offer low prices in comparison to other laundries. We offer same day or next day for the same price that some laundries offer a 3 day service.

Beware imposters

Ems Laundry is a very successful business but of course where ever there is success there are pretenders.

Ems has been known as Chiang Mai Laundry / Ems Laundry since launching in 2014. Now there are others using the Chiang Mai Laundry tag.

History of Chiang Mai Laundry

Actually Chiang Mai Laundry was the name used for 30 years by a laundry business that used to operate from Huaykaew Road on the North side of the moat, very close to Central Kad Suan Kaew shopping centre. It was considered one of the premier laundries in it’s day.
Em worked there for 14 years until the owners retired and closed their business. That is where Em learned her craft, where she served her apprenticeship.

Incredibly when Em worked there, Chiang Mai laundry boasted the only electric drier in Chiang Mai. The washing machines she remembers were Maytag, very impresive for the day. There was also very few coin laundries in Chiang Mai at that time, not like today.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Lets face it though, learning the nuts and bolts of an industry is not all that it takes. Additional ingredients are needed and this is where Ems meticulous character and eye for detail plays a part. A desire to please her clients and ensure all laundry and dry cleaning processed through her business is of the highest quality. That’s what drives her. A need to be the best she can be, for her business to be the best laundry and dry cleaning business Chiang Mai.

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